外国人「ゲーミングPC持ってるのにSteam Deckを買う必要、本当にあるか?」

1. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /a/

すでにゲーミングPCを持ってるのにSteam Deckを買う理由なんかあるか?

Why would anyone buy this if they already have a gaming PC?
And dont pretend like any of you ever leave your house.


50. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/

You posted this thread before. Don’t think I didn’t notice.

2. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
To play PC game on the toilet, the bed, and the sofa

4. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/

>the toilet
What the f**k do you eat that causes you to be on the toilet for more than 30 seconds?

5. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
I will NEVER understand how people can say they use their phone or read a book on the toilet. What kind of epic sh*ts do these people do? For me it’s pretty quick.

3. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
Does anyone honestly play games on the toilet?

10. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
You’re missing out.

6. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
Before smartphones I beat all of yoshi’s island on the toilet. I’m oddly nostalgic about it.

7. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
There is nothing more satisfying than beating FF1 while dropping a basketball sized chocolate.

8. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
I am grinding FFX and playing Pizza Tower while sh*tting, it’s pretty gud

9. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
It is the second most comfy place to play vidya, beaten out only by a bed.

11. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
Steam Deckはベッドでプレイする用で、コントローラーを使いやすいゲーム、カジュアルなゲームに使ってる

My PC is downstairs and I use it mainly for RTS or higher-levels in Diablo-likes.
I play the steam deck in bed for more controller friendly games and casual gaming.

12. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
昨日はTotal War: WARHAMMERをプレイして飽きたら寝る前にベッドの中でSteam Deckを持ち出してAstlibraで遊んだ。チェックメイト

i played Warhammer TOtal war yesterday and when I got bored I picked up my Deck and played Astlibra in my bed before going to sleep. CHECK MATE

13. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
俺はたまに仕事で出張するから。それに月に一度は車で4時間くらい離れた実家に顔出すし。今は出張用のノートPCがあるけど、もしそれがなかったらSteam Deck買ってるだろうね。
それにベッドでするゲームも乙なもんだ。Steam Deckはそういうのに最適

I do actually travel for work occasionally. I also visit my family once a month and they’re about a 4 hour drive away. I currently have a laptop I use when traveling, but if I didn’t use that I’d have a steam deck.
I also like to play on my laptop in bed sometimes. A Steam Deck would be good for that.

14. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
>すでにゲーミングPCを持ってるのにSteam Deckを買う理由なんかあるか?

>Why would anyone buy this if they already have a gaming PC?
I don’t have a gaming PC though

15. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/

Best handheld ever made. Taking massive shits while playing every modern AAA release just feels too good. I can’t go back from that.

16. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
俺はう◯こしてる間は、Razor Edgeで遊ぶよ。最高だぞ
I have been playing Razor’s Edge during my poops. Its been kino.

17. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/

Play game in bed
I spent 450 dollars just to do this

18. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/

This. I love Steam, but sometimes I wanna lay down and play games. Too many hours gaming at my desk hurts my back.

20. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/

+$379 to do this

21. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
おいおい俺この一式持ってるぞ!スマホやsteam deckと一緒に使うのは最高だぞ。

HEEEY I have those! They are the f**king bomb and I love using them with my phone and my steam deck. 

22. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/

Cardboard cost 5$

23. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/

i didn’t think this was an actual thing until i saw this and searched up a few YT vids. do you lads actually do this? is it worth it?

24. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/

To sit in my recliner and play cozy indies or older games that will never get Switch ports.

25. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
With cloud saving I’m able to play Yakuza when I’m out and about and can continue on my desktop when I get home. It’s a Switch but better. I would have never made as much progress on a series like this without the Deck.


26. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
Pizza Towerやるためだけに中古でほぼ買う寸前まで行ったんだけど、相手の男が杜撰すぎてやめた
I almost bought one second hand just to play Pizza Tower in bed but the guy was acting sketchy as f**k.

27. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/

I did not have gaming PC. Playing on Intel Graphics was a pain
Also, my recommendation on whether to buy it:
> Do you have gf/bf? Buy it. Doubly so if husband/wife
> Otherwise stick to gaming PC

28. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
It sounds like it would be useful for people who leave the house a lot or people who watch TV on the couch and want do mobileshit at the same time. I don’t do either so its not for me.

29. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
i got one because i commute and travel for work all the time. it is much easier to pack and less of a hassle then taking my laptop on an airplane and i can play in my car when i get to work early.

30. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/

Because I’m away from home most of the week for work and it’s better value than a laptop.

31. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
Steam Deckをバルコニーに持ち出して、心地よい日差しの中でゲームが出来る

my wife uses our pc for work. i dont want to bother with another expensive pc and we have no good place to put one anyway.
i get to take the deck onto the balcony and game in the comfy sunlight.

19. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
俺が持ってるのはsteam deck

but i don’t own a gaming pc
i own a steam deck

32. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
I work at a desk for 10 hours every day. Maybe I wanna game on my sofa for once? It’s also good for couch co-op with friends.

33. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/

So i dont have to leave my bed

34. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
I use it to play turn based strategy games on my TV.

35. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
Sengoku Jidaiってどうなの?

how’s sengoku jidai?

36. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
I like it a lot. It’s simple to get into but the various systems make the battles feel dynamic and engaging.

37. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/

I’m a trucker, so I’m away from my house most of the time.

38. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
>steam deckを昨日注文する

>ordered a steam deck yesterday
>got it today
I love living on a small island nation

39. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
>order estimation: 2-4 weeks

40. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
Civilization 5ってSteam Deckでプレイしててどう?
How does Civilization 5 play on the Deck?

42. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
plays great in my opinion

41. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/

Decent. With games that have PC first interfaces, they’re perfectly fine if you map the magnifier to the dpad.

43. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
Awesome but what do you mean by the magnifier?

44. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
if you press the steam button + left bumper, you toggle a magnifier to see the screen better, can help you with certain games where the text is too small

45. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
I see but it seems like a pain in the ass. Do games like Fallout or Elden Ring require the magnifier?

46. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
Anon, console games don’t need the magnifier…

47. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/

99% of the games dont require it dude, i never use it and i wear glasses
i say if the game has stupidly small text size, even in your normal desktop machine, then maybe you will need the magnifier on the steam deck
like i said, ive found more use for the magnifier as a sniper scope than its intended purpose

48. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
RX6750とRyzen 5 5600Xは持ってるけど、steam deckも買って最高に気に入ってるよ。ホテルに泊まったときにdeck専用ベッドまで作ってしまった
i have rx 6750 xt and ryzen 5 5600x and i got myself a steam deck and i love that thing. i even went to a hotel and got it its own bed

51. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
I want one for playing FFX in bed. it’s still not out in my country though.

52. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/
steam deckでターン制のFFゲームをたくさんやってるけど、最高に快適だぞ。
I have been playing a lot of turn based FF games on deck, and they’ve been max comfy. 

49. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /v/

It’s nice having things 🙂

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