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Just watched Char’s Counterattack.
Good movie but why the f**k did Char want to kill everyone?

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Not everyone, just the Earthnoids.

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It wasn’t char, that was quattro

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since his indian mommy gf died, he was never the same man, anything from Zeta is just a man fumbling from one thought to another while coping about Lalah.

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not to mention lalah’s -force- psychic ghost chose amuro over him

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I like the game’s explanation that kamille getting lobotomized was what pushed him over the edge.

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This video is really sad ;_;

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wait did no one tell him kamille was ok again?

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What I really hated about the original saga of Gundam despite being a massive Gundam fan is that Zeta and ZZ feel almost inconsequential to CCA. And that’s by design, Tomino wanted CCA to be accessible to those who only watched the original Gundam’s compilation movie trilogy

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You can certainty watch Zeta and CCA independent of each other but they’re by no means inconsequential. They complement each other quite well and you’re basically missing half of Char’s character but skipping one or the other.
ZZ’s impact is pretty minor though and can be summed up as “A Zeon power vacuum is created”

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Midlife crisis

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Amuro cucked him out of Lalah being his Indian mommy gf and it genuinely drove him insane. Also f**k the Earth Federation

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I hate how Sayla is not present in Z, ZZ, and CCA.
You’d think she’d be relevant as the sister to Casval but she’s just not. She’s there at the end of ZZ, sure, but other than sunrising Jew-Dough’s sister she has no role.

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even Fraw Bow got sidelined as a mere supporting character after the original. or Fa who still appeared on ZZ but after that she’d rather tend brain-damaged Kamille till he’s healed.
it’s just the way Tomino works, he doesn’t like recurring female characters outside their own original show for some reason. I mean what can Sayla do at that point? she has retired from ever touching anything remotely about war, and she seemed to have given up on convincing her brother to stop doing this shit. she’s pretty much done as a character by the time the 0079 ended.


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It was his counterattack

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ガンダムSEEDを見終わり、オリジナルシリーズを数週間前に見て、今はガンダムSEED DESTINYを見ている。毎週火曜か月曜に1話ずつ、火曜が疲れているときは水曜に1話ずつ見ている。

I finished Gundam Seed then I watched the original series a few weeks ago and now I’m watching Gundam Seed Destiny. I’m watching one Gundam episode per week every Tuesday or Monday or if I’m too tired on Tuesday then on Wednesday.
I plan to watch Zeta Gundam after finishing Destiny but I don’t know what about the three movies of the original series. They are rather long for anime movies. Should I watch them before watching Zeta Gundam? As I found out they came out before Zeta.

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If you’ve seen the original show you don’t really need to watch the movies. They’re a good compilation for people wanting to revisit the series or are too impatient for a full show, but you’re not going to get anything new out of them.

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The Earth Federation deserved it, just look at what will happened in late UC.

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Char never really cared about newtypes or saving the earth or any of that shit more than just getting petty revenge on those he viewed as having wronged him. First is was the Zabis, then the Earth Federation, then when even the EF was impotent against him all he had left to get back at was Amuro. He’s a grifter who hides behind high ideals as means to get people to keep giving him more powerful murder machines. CCA’s real reveal is that Char did the same thing to the protagonists and audience of Zeta as he did to the Zabi’s in MSG. Beltorchika and Reccoa might have been massive c◯nts but they were 100% right about him.


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Mainly to get Amuro to fight him, but also because he was disillusioned with aeug after being a pawn for the feds. Many factors.

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I watched all of zeta a few years ago but dont remember anything
is it worth rewatching?

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there’s a compilation movie series if you have the need to rewatched but can’t be assed down the whole 50. animation quality is a bit jerky with Tomino splicing the original with new scenes but it gets the job done somewhat. Also Kamille didn’t go potato in the movie’s ending

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Man I can’t believe Gackt is f**king dead

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Mommy issues+ psycho pajeet ghost haunting his ass.

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He hated the earth elite. And he wanted humanity to evolve, which he thought could only happen if he forced everyone into space.
He also really wanted to fight Amuro again.

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he was weighed down by earth’s gravity. he had the perfect opportunity to grant spacenoids economic and military independence from earth and he literally threw it in Earth’s face because his worldview was too terracentric to concieve of a state of affairs where Earth’s government still existed but was no longer calling the shots for all humanity

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>No one posted it yet
Anon he literally tells you why



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i was just as confused as amuro by that line

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he was out of ideas to one-up amuro since the dude was shooting down all of his talking points.
He’s the early 90s equivalent of that salty trashtalking shitter that ragequits and reports you for cheating after you bodied him in a pvp game fair and square. Truly a gamer.

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