海外の反応【リコリス・リコイル】第1話 日常アニメかと思ったら少女ジョン・ウィックだった

出典:リコリス・リコイル©Spider Lily/アニプレックス・ABCアニメーション・BS11

海外の反応【リコリス・リコイル】1話「Easy does it」感想

1. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
実際のもの: テロリストと戦うかわいい女の子

Expected: CGDCT Slice of Life Anime
Reality: Cute Girls fighting terrorists
Tbh that was such an unexpected start, and interesting too. Can’t wait to see more of it, especially since it’s an anime original.
And I really love the ED too, Sayuri voice is awesome as always.


2. 蠱惑の壺 reddit

Cute Girls Doing Counter-Terrorism

3. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
I’m so glad that the only thing I know about this show is that key visual where they’re wearing Japanese maid uniforms. I really thought this was a SoL about girls working in a cafe ala GochiUsa. xD

4. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
its so funny reading the reactions of people who did watch the PVs and those who did go in completely blind here.

5. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
I was expecting some sort of twist involving guns near the end of the third episode, so to have multiple assassinations after 3 minutes was a surprise. That said, I think I’m still expecting some sort of twist later on.

6. 蠱惑の壺 reddit

I had read an interview this week with the director, so I knew about the guns and everything. I hadn’t quite grasped the whole counterterrorism aspect however.
I hoped this anime would turn out good and I’m glad to say this episode was about as good as I could have hoped for. The opening with those Lycoris eliminating threats was very cool and stylized; it reminded me a bit of King’s Man. Them pushing their target in the bushes and firing shots or having a train pass and have the target vanish from sight were some excellent cinematic shots.
I’m pretty pumped to see if this original anime can keep being awesome and how the story will unfold. I hope the show manages to attract some more attention in the upcoming weeks, since it really deserves it.

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出典:リコリス・リコイル©Spider Lily/アニプレックス・ABCアニメーション・BS11


出典:リコリス・リコイル©Spider Lily/アニプレックス・ABCアニメーション・BS11

I just wanted to mention how well researched this anime is. In this scene she holds the gun in close quarters close to her chest, two handed. You do it so that you do not lose control of your weapon, and its a legitimate tactic. It also gives you leverage to manipulate the gun as you want, and massively reduces recoil.
Also models of weapons was accurately done, like in this scene the gun might look comically big, but in reality, a full size handgun with a silencer will be that big, especially compared to how tall a Japanese woman would look like on average.

9. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
I love that they included details like this, it always massively enhances the experience. This anime is obviously not 100% realistic, but because of stuff like this, it’s easier to buy it and immersive yourself in the setting and events. Because she looks proffesional.

10. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Yeah I didn’t expect john wick style cqc shooting technique but here we are

11. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Another detail I like is how at 19:30, you can see Chisato moving before you hear the enemy’s gun shoot. She’s not dodging bullets, she’s dodging the gunman.

12. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Wait… why is Eru Chitanda here?!

13. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
I guess she’s just curious

14. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Curiosity… killed the cat.

15. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
THAT’s who she reminded me of. I was thinking Reina from Hibike! or Rikka from Gridman

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今のところ、このシリーズはサイコパスとRELEASE THE SPYCEの間のスイートスポットを突いている。

Whoaaa, that intro was something else.
So far, this series hits a sweet spot between Psycho-Pass and Release the Spyce.
A1 did a fantastic job with this one. My jaw dropped when Chisato John Wicked those 4 guys.
Looks like this time it’s Chisato’s turn to babysit Unmei-chan.

18. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
>サイコパスとRELEASE THE SPYCEの間のスイートスポット

>So far, this series hits a sweet spot between Psycho-Pass and Release the Spyce.
It’s basically Gunslinger Girls but more CGDCT-fied/moe-ified a lot more.

17. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
完全に無情報で視聴した。CGDCTを期待していたのですが、代わりにCute Girls Doing Counter Terrorismを手に入れた。RtS(リアルタイムストラテジーRELEASE THE SPYCE)は苦手だったけど、サイコパスは好きだったし、このアニメは正直2年ぶりくらいに興味をそそられたよ。この2年間で見たアニメは、かぐや様や古見さん等、原作を読んでたものばかりだった。
Went into this completely blind. Expected CGDCT but instead i got Cute Girls Doing Counter Terrorism. Hated RtS but loved Psycho Pasa, and this has tickled my interest for the first time in honestly about 2 years. The only animes ive watched over the last 2 years are the ones where i have read the source material, like Kaguya, Komi san etc.

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Chisato best girl. Hooked me in immediately.

20. 蠱惑の壺 reddit

It’s amazing how much of an impact some characters can have in the space of an episode. Chika Anzai and the animation team are doing some incredible work, bringing Chisato to life in a way where it’s instantly recognisable that there is a lot going on with her. Even within the genki archetype, Chisato feels quite different. She’s bright, cheerful and optimistic… because she could and would put you in the ground before you had time to blink, and not despite that.
That said, I see a lot of comments with slightly different reads on her, so it’s going to be interesting to see who she actually turns out to be. Suffice to say at the moment that she has got my attention, and my respect.

21. 蠱惑の壺 reddit

That upbeat way of explaining how Lycoris are basically Cleaners in that city that it got me to do a double take on a series I thought was just a CGDCT. The colors and even the OST used are such a contract to what the series really is.
Absolutely enjoyed the dynamic between Takina’s seriousness whose actually a bit of a klutz and Chisato’s genki personality but also hiding something dark.

22. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Let’s hope quality continues.

23. 蠱惑の壺 reddit

Wow, for an original anime, I’m impressed by how right off the bat it’s immersive in its world building. There’s a little bit of suspension of disbelief but I can get behind how this world/organization works.
Chisato and Takina are also likeable characters. True, Chisato is a little too bubbly and I’m not sure about her no-kill policy yet, but it’s a good set up to get invested in both characters. And the visuals and music are great too. Hope this show picks up more viewers.
Still can’t get over the fact that the sad single lady at the cafe is voiced by Tenma from School Rumble.

24. 蠱惑の壺 reddit

Yep. This has really set a solid foundation for this story to blossom into something incredible. I’m really excited for this.
Also, a moment to acknowledge the great voice acting for both Chisato and Takina. Love the casting and their delivery.

25. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
I get the idea that Chisato’s no-kill policy is set from when she defended the radio tower from the terrorists and probably killed a bunch of people in the process.

26. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
I think it’s less of a no-kill policy and more just not killing unnecessarily. She didn’t seem phased at all when Takina gunned down all of those arms dealers.

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I thought hey, I’ll try something new. I always watch gritty, edgy anime, let’s try something different! CGDCT? Sure!

28. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Cute Girls Doing Counter Terrorism, ser

29. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
“My fascist death squad cant possibly be this cute!” is looking like a banger, this is going to be one to watch for sure

30. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
“What if the secret police were cute anime girls?”

31. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
>日常モノ(slice of life=人生の一片)ではない
君はこの作品をジャンルを誤解してるよ、ただしくはslices of extinguished lives(消された命の一片)だ

Not a slice-of-life
You misread the genre: slices of (extinguished) lives

34. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
A lethal genki and kuudere combo, and I’m all in for it

35. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
really strong first episode, i’m very intrigued already.
i like chisato, with her carefree and upbeat personality on the surface, but you get these calm and methodical moments now and then.

32. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
They’re like l○li John Wicks

33. 蠱惑の壺 reddit

7. 蠱惑の壺 reddit
“可愛いは正義 “と言われる。
つまり、”テロリストと戦うこと”は、”可愛いこと “なのだ(証明終了)

They say “cute is justice.”
Fighting terrorists can be considered just.
Therefore, fighting terrorists is “cute things.”




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