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1. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 4chan /a/
機動戦士ガンダム 水星の魔女の英語吹替版でスレッタ役に白人女優を起用したことについて、欧米の声優たちがクランチロールの頑迷さを非難
Western Voice Actors Accuse Crunchyroll Of Bigotry For Casting White Actress As Suletta In English Dub Of ‘Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury’





3. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
First of all, I don’t think “anime” is a real ethnicity in most cases. Most anime art is so stylized you can’t really say they look like any real race.
Second…ignoring that, most anime characters are supposed to be Japanese in the first place. So how is this more “r*cist” than ANY white person playing like…90% of anime characters in general?
It’s like blatantly obvious at this point they don’t consider the Japanese “real POC”, purely because they hate Japan’s artistic output.

4. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit

No need to think. Unless stated otherwise, characters in anime and manga have no ethnicy. There is literally a word for that.

5. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit

There is?

6. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit


7. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit

That’s actually pretty cool.

8. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit

Today I learned. That’ll be a handy factoid to pull out in future arguments.

9. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit

All voice actors in the US are r*cist for voicing Japanese Animation characters because they’re not Japanese from Japan. Therefore, they should all quit and the anime dubbing industry should shut down.
It would be the best decision for everyone.

14. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit

Yeah exactly how dare these earth born people play a space born character. How dare these r*cist.

15. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Sieg Zeon!

16. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit

I never thought about that. Shouldn’t we push for for anime VA to be Japanese American? Of course it can’t be done overnight, but from now on they should hire only J-A.

17. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
No you hire based on the setting, for example the Vinland Saga dub sounds like shit because the VAs are American. If you have something based around Scandinavia and Britain you should hire people with those accents and take into account how people would speak. I’m sick of period anime where people speak in modern American slang in both the sub text and in the dub.

10. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit

I should just learn Japanese. This shit will never end.

11. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit

I started not long back. It’s tough because I’m not naturally adept at learning new languages, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.
You gotta do what you gotta do.

12. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit

Fansubs. This is the way.
I haven’t watched dubbed anime for decades, haven’t bothered with official translations for almost as long, and have no regrets.

13. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Honestly, just give it a go. If you peter out, at least you’ve learned a bit of Japanese in case you go there as a tourist, and if you succeed, then you don’t need to rely on subs and translations – which has the added benefit of expanding what you can watch or read.

18. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Is…. is she not white?

23. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Apparently, Suletta is not white because of “character coding”

19. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
自分は身近なところにガンダムファンがいたから、キャラクターがバックストーリーで明言または暗示された国籍を持っている傾向があることを知っている。ざっと検索したところ、このキャラクターは水星出身と表示されたけど… ほとんど何の意味もないね。本当の民族性ではない。

I’ve been in close enough proximity to Gundam fans to know the characters tend to have a stated or implied nationality in their backstory. A cursory search listed the character as Mercurian, which… Means almost nothing. That’s not a real ethnicity.
So she’s not “white,” but this is a blatant attack on a pillar of Japanese culture.

20. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
well, i looked it up: she’s ‘spacian’. nobody’s from space, so clearly nobody is allowed to voice her at all

21. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit

“I’m trying to communicate with intergalactic lifeforms.”
“What are you going to ask them?”
“If they can dub this anime so it’s not problematic.”

22. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Suletta is tanuki-coded. Miorine is kitsune-coded.

24. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
She doesn’t fit any particular stereotype I can think of.

25. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
The tanned country bumpkin thing is usually a regional stereotype in anime. I guess you could make an argument for her being the space equivalent of Okinawan but that’s still not going to be whatever the English VAs are trying to shoehorn in.

26. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
According to the article they are trying to say she is Middle Eastern or North African because…? Not many natural redheads from that area though

27. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit

Unless there’s something to make them different, most anime characters would be Japanese as most anime take place in Japan or a Japan analog.
I don’t think the race of a VA or character matters, but obviously there are those that do.

28. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
why should we care? if your voice fits the role, then good. That’s the difference between voice acting and normal acting. Your appearance doesn’t matter when you’re a voice actor.

29. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
This would’ve been a fine argument to these people 2 decades ago. Meritocracy is gone in current year.

30. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
そしてもちろん、抗議している声優の一人は、僕のヒーローアカデミアに十分な “黒人”の声を与えていないとして、偽進歩主義者から熱い鉄槌を受けた女性であり、その声優自身が黒人女性であるという事実を無視しているのである。彼女はその蛇たちに気に入られるように”残業”しているんだろう。
And of course, one of the VAs is the chick who got raked over hot coals by fauxgressives for not giving Miruko from MHA a sufficiently “black” enough voice, ignoring the fact that the VA herself is a black woman. Guess she’s working overtime to endear herself to those snakes.

31. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
A good mix of irony and hypocrisy there isn’t it

32. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit

Okay, when western anime “fans” pretended Nagatoro was black, it was a special kind of stupid. But this is a new level of dumb. For god’s sake, this character is barely tanned. Not to mention she has red hai-
Oh. Oh I see the issue.

33. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
But… Nagatoro is Japanese… What??

34. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
They think dark skin= black. And since Nagatoro has a tan most of the time, due to swimming a lot, they claim she’s black.

35. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
I can’t even with these people

36. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Those tanlines don’t lie.

2. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
I’ll bet they didn’t even LOOK for someone from Mercury to voice her…

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