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What is the most useless thing you learned in school?

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I haven’t really found a use for square dancing.

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Swing your partner round and round

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Same. We learned it in my school cause it’s the states dance. But I have never known anyone to square dance besides the tv people.

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There was that week each year in gym class where the boys would do wrestling and the girls would learn to dance to cotton eyed joe, for some reason.

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Probably that apparently Vivaldi’s nickname was “the red priest”. We had to study for exams but our teacher decided to visit 3 separate websites and make us read about him

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My music history professor taught us that “Vivaldi is also known as the red priest. Because he was a COMMUNIST!? No, he just had red hair.”

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Kentucky creates 90% of U.S disco balls.

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Wow. I live in Kentucky but I never knew that… seems useless!

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That’s why it’s “useless”

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俺にとって最も役に立たなかった授業は、大学に編入した後のものだった。すでにCalculus 2(微積分2)に合格してたんだけど、ビジネス数学の代数入門を取らなないといけなかった。1ヶ月半後に教授が、私の平均点が107%で半分しか出席していない私に、事情を聞いてくれた。ありがたいことに、もう授業に出なくていいよって言ってもらえた
Well my most useless class was after I transferred universities. Already passed calc 2 but had to take business math, which was basic algebra, despite a very long conversation with my advisor about how absurd it was. Thankfully after a month and a half the prof asked to speak to me since my avg was 107% and I showed up half the time. Told me to stop coming to class once I explained my situation

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In public school we skimmed through the Vietnam war because there was little time left before testing and it wasn’t gonna be on there that much.
“Long story short, we kinda lost that one…”

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It always bothered me when history stopped at WW2 and the rest was covered in a week

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I mean at least they taught you the US lost lol
They tried to teach us the US won and I don’t even live there

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Havnt played the recorder very often.

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It’s the simplest way to teach music theory in practice without a more complicated instrument like piano, guitar, or violin. Seems pretty useless in retrospect, but it’s really just another teaching tool.

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I have mine from the 80s on the table in my music room. I play it almost daily! That was one of the most important things I learned in school as I am a professional musician.

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How to stop a fight just by saying “please stop I don’t like that”

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Or ignoring the bully.

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This x100, terrible f**king teaching

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ヘイスティングスの戦いが1066年にあったという知識。人生で唯一の使い道は 「歴史の授業で覚えているのはヘイスティングスの戦いが1066年にあったことだ」と言う時だけ
That the battle of Hastings was in 1066. It’s only use in life has been when I say “the only thing I remember from history lessons, is that the battle of Hastings was in 1066.”

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1066年は、今私たちがタイプして読んでいる言語に影響を与えるほど重要な出来事なんだよ。古くからのアングロサクソン英語は非常にゲルマン的な響きがあり、ノルマン・コンクエストがなければそのままで、おそらくオランダ語のような響きになっていたことだろう。その代わり、ノルマンディー上陸によってフランス語が多用されるようになった(カナダやイギリスがフランス語の発音に従わないのにフランス語のスペルを使っているのを不思議に思ったことはないか?) その結果、今日私たちが話しているゲルマン語とロマンス語の混成語が生まれたのです。言い換えれば、英語を許容できるものにしたんだ
1066 is so important it’s affecting the very sentences we’re typing and reading right now. Old and Anglo-saxan English was incredibly Germanic sounding, and without the Norman conquest it would remain so and probably sound like Dutch. Instead, the invasion infused a lot of French in the Language (ever wonder why Canada and UK use French spelling even if they don’t follow French pronunciation?). It created a hybrid Germanic-Romance language we speak today. In other words, it made English tolerable.

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Acid rain. Always scared me shitless as a kid but I’ve yet to hear anything about it since sixth grade.

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Acid rain was no joke for those of us that lived in NY and enjoyed trout fishing. Within the span of a decade starting in the mid-70’s, the native trout populations in the Adirondacks were almost completely eradicated. All you would catch were trout stocked by the government. To this day, the native trout populations have not fully recovered.

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That and the manatees, the reason we don’t hear about it any more is because we got together and stopped the people responsible. Which for acid rain meant putting scrubbers on smokestacks to get rid of the sulfur.

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I know that the Hawley-Smoot tariff was the highest in history. No idea what the importance of that is, if it was good, bad, or indifferent.

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The importance is that some people believe it made the Great Depression a lot worse.

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Colonel Sanders was in his 60s when he buckled down and started KFC.

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How Roman children put their shoes on

33. 蠱惑の壺 4chan /a/
Now I’m curious… how do they put their shoes on?

34. 蠱惑の壺 4chan /a/

Like normal people. Most roman children’s shoes were pulled together using buckles. The shoes were tough leather so occasionally their feet would bruise and bleed. They would have to wash their feet a couple times a day.
The lesson was mainly to tell us “you should be grateful, look how easy your life is”

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I shit you not, in third grade I was taught how to dispose of pissed bed sheets without anyone knowing

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This is actually pretty useful

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Well tell us then




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