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What should someone know before getting a cat?

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ほとんどの子猫は野生動物だ! 絶対におとなしい猫がいいなら、老猫を飼うべき。やがて落ち着くものだけど、赤ちゃんにそうであることを期待するのは無謀
Most kittens are wild! No matter what. If you want a docile cat, adopt an older one. They calm down but you can’t expect a baby to be that way.

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We’ve got 5 kittens atm (we took in a pregnant cat back when it was winter, and are trying to get her spayed atm), and they’re little chaos gremlins until about 5 weeks. They wanted nothing more than
1)climb things
2) insert things in their mouth
They’ve just learned the joys of sleeping in sunbeams, and cuddling, and it’s ridiculously cute lol. They’re going to be rehomed, and I miss them already.

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It’s not uncommon for a cat to live to 20 years.

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My asshole cat Spooky is 17 now and has survived two UTIs so bad he had to stay at the vet and be catheterized, a kitty stroke (for which he saw a kitty neurologist and had a kitty MRI), and setting his tail on fire. He is doing great and I hope I get at least 3 more years with him!

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My oldest cat passed at 22 years old. I cried like the lil’bitch I am for two days.
Had her since I was 4. Rough times.

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Be ready to wake up frantic, thinking someone broke in to find out it’s only your cat having a spaz attack. Also, get ready to have its butthole in your face. My cat likes to try and sit on our chest with his rear end in our face.

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Cat’s butthole is a sign of trust. Literally they don’t perceive you as a threat and sit facing away from you.

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That is a good point! They think, “I trust you, so here’s my butthole.”

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make sure you have a lot of room on your phone for photos.

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This is probably the most important thing to consider.

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game dev here, i made an entire area inside of my game called the “cat house” which just showcases some funny pictures of my cats. 

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7500 photos. When I search “cat” I have over 3k. That doesn’t even include photos that apple doesn’t recognize as a cat because they look like a demon in them

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One mistake I see inexperienced new cat owners make is they try to “play” with the cat like with a dog. Tease it, get in their faces with toys, overstimulate it. That’s how you get mean cats.
Cats are wonderful companions. You just have to let them choose when and how they will interact with you. Be a little gentle with them. Talk sweet. Get to know them and what they like.

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My former best friend did this. She was so rough with the cat and antagonized it to try and get it to respond in a “playful” way as puppies do. She tried to play with it like a puppy and rile it up.

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Female cats in heat are no joke. Neuter Spay them before they reach puberty, if you are not ready to have cat babies!
Cats in heat WILL get their babies, no matter what it takes.

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You need to ask yourself if you’re ready to be owned by a cat.

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Bed? Theirs. Your keyboard? Theirs. Any empty cardboard boxes? Theirs. Shelves? Theirs. Your will? Theirs.

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Your heart? Also theirs.

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They respond to effort. They won’t love you unconditionally like a dog will. A cat that is given time, patience, good care, and socializing will almost always warm up to their people and become affectionate. It just requires more work to earn that affection than a dog. You get out of a pet cat what you put into it.

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You get out of a pet cat what you put into it.
Vomited onto the carpet, in many cases.




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