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1. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
“Another turn for the next Dreamer”. くそっ、この台詞はレンガで殴りつけられたように効く

“Another turn for the next Dreamer”. Damn, that line hit like a brick

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2. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
The subs say “turn” but I heard “tale” which I think makes more sense.

3. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
He says 語り継いでやる in the japanese audio, which just means to pass down a story.

4. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Can you explain what he meant by this?

5. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
I assume he just meant David is going to end up like Maine, another art of the cycle.

6. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
うまくいく事態が動くとは思えない。実際このアニメは、次から次へとtrain weck(列車の脱線事故=大惨事)が起こり続け、どういう訳か毎度悪化していく物語だ。

Dammit it is not like things have ever gone well, in fact it has been a tale of a train wreck after another, and every time shit just manages to get worse somehow
There’s no way this ends well for anyone, except the big corporations that so far remain untouched by all of this

7. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
>There’s no way this ends well for anyone, except the big corporations that so far remain untouched by all of this
Sadly that’s the truth that runs through the very core of the Cyberpunk genre.

8. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
That’s one of the beautiful and at the same time scary thing of Cyberpunk: The corporations never lose and in a sense you can see it in our real world already since many many years: Microsoft, Google, Apple, Meta, they will all outlive us all and no scandal or problem will ever k**l them, those companies are pretty much eternal now no matter what realistically could happen to them. You saw that even more prominent with Blizzard recently, they aren’t even as big as those four yet even after mismanaging their core products, bending their knees openly for China, sexistic scandals and even having pushed a woman into suicide the company will remain strong regardless. Too big to fail is a concept that is very scary and can have extremely unmoral consequences.

9. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
[Cyberpunk 2077] Johnny Silverhand (character played by Keanu Reeves) literally detonated tactical nuke in Arasaka Tower in 2020s and in the game Arasaka is still most powerful megacorp and new Arasaka Tower stands tall. You can’t really go against corporations in that world.

10. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Because Arasaka main base isn’t even in night city, its one of their branches. Their main base is in Japan and they aint going down without targeting that.

11. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Ironic that Kiwi was the one who taught Lucy to only believe in herself, and now she’s the one that’s betrayed her.

12. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
She didnt even know it was her She just made the trap

13. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
I actually like David’s character development and how his downward spiral gives more emotional weight to the phenomenon of cyberpsychosis. In Ep 1’s opening scene we see that guy going psycho and figure it’s just an edge case of some crazy roided up dude. Maine going psycho feels different because we know he isn’t some random jackass but is a genuinely good guy. Still, it all happens pretty quickly and you figure he’s always been this huge chromed up guy so he probably had it coming, right? But with David, we’ve been with him since the beginning of his journey and get to witness the slow build up to his impending downfall. How he goes from bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to the jaded person he is now, his relationships crumbling, people reaching out but he pushes them away, the flashbacks/PTSD, the hand jitters… you don’t go cyberpsycho overnight. Despite David being the strongest he’s ever been, you can tell how powerless he feels. Maybe turning into a cyberpsycho is the inevitable end point for everyone who walks this path.

14. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
The representation of PTSD in this episode is so damn realistic it’s crazy. When he is having the flash back to killing the woman and can’t separate it from the present and also associates it with his own life and what happened to his mom. And it all happens in an instant. Terrifying, Trigger absolutely nailed this.

15. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
I nearly got crazy too and turnt it off lol

16. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Man, David is really losing it. Goddamnit Kiwi!

17. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
The vision of the director guy with machine head had Chainsaw Man vibes lol

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18. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
The director was the gun devil!

19. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit

Well, time to continue my binge of Cybersuffering: Edgerunners. f**k’s sake, David. He’s truly learned nothing from Maine’s tragedy and he’s barreling down the same path as he did, if not a worse one. And neither of them are the first. The ripperdoc certainly seemed like he’s no stranger to this mentality and eventual outcome.
That son of a bitch Faraday. He’s lucky he’s got such suave VAs both in the dub and sub that I can’t despise him nearly as much. But he was never really an ally, so his backstabbing almost completely expected. Kiwi’s betrayal hit harder as someone who was part of their crew. I guess Maine’s lesson about trusting no one still ring true.
God damn, they’re all f**ked. I don’t know how difficult it is to leave this city and/or escape Arasaka, but I wish they’d just left everything behind.

21. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
I think Kiwi just helped him set up a trap. She didn’t know the target netrunner was Lucy. If she did, they would’ve just nabbed her at home or something.

20. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
f**kin Kiwi

22. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit

23. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Crazy good visuals in this episode

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24. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit

David’s motivation to get as many mechanical modifications to his body seems pretty weak to me, dude was already really OP with his super speed power, just needed to get his guns skills up and he would have more potential than Maine with more experience.
Also he could see the result of Maine doing so many modification experiencing cyberpsychosis and yet he chooses to go down the same path.

25. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Doc said that David’s body would not keep up with the Sandevistan without mods, but yeah, he didn’t need so much enhancements, but I guess he idolized Maine and wanted to be like him. Also David is obssesed with the idea that he was special and could keep it together no matter what he did to his body.

26. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit

>David’s motivation to get as many mechanical modifications to his body seems pretty weak to me
You can blame Maine for that.

27. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
To me David even when his mom was there seemed pretty restless and destructive. Being in this position now, after all the things that’s happened to him, is no wonder that it led him to that. I think if Lucy and him would have been more honest and present with each other, they might have been better off. The way they act in the apartment it’s like they’re old people lol. They’re so traumatized by life that they numb to it by now.

28. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Well shit. Every episode gets worse for everyone. I’m just waiting to see what happens to David and Lucy. David is so self destructive. Always has been since the beginning. He’s a good person but being put in that situation it was obvious he was heading that way. Also Lucy. She could never trust David. 

29. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Especially since it seems like David can simply reverse this by toning down on the cyborg stuff? Maybe he could just go slower? He’s young and all. 

30. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Starting to dislike David. He’s completely forgotten about wanting to get out of that life with Lucy, and his promise about the moon. I know cyberpunk is meant to be depressing, but c’mon! This is too much.

31. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
I dont get why Lucy cant just be upfront with David about why she can’t rejoin the team right now and that she is too busy fight off corp edgerunner agents because she is trying to protect david. And what exactly did she see in those deleted files that made her so spooked and trying to hard to fight off all the agents herself without trusting david or the crew?

32. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
ルーシーは何かしたんだろうな。ファイルを消去したか、直接的にタナカを殺したのか、もしくは結果的にタナカの死因になってしまったのか(首が突然吹っ飛んだの覚えてる?)。 そのせいでトラウマチームと警察が呼ばれ、メインとドリオの死という結末に繋がったとか。そう考えるとルーシーがデイビッドに知らせないのも辻褄がいく。罪悪感があり、デイビッドに知られるのを恐れているのかもしれない。
I’m guessing she did something, either scrubbing the file or directly killing Tanaka, that ended up causing his death (remember his neck suddenly blew up?). That led to trauma team and police being called, which ended in death of Maine and Dorio. That would make sense why she doesn’t want to let David know. She might feel guilty and is afriad of David knowing.

33. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Honestly f**k David. Learned no lessons from his mom or from watching Maine lose it. Lucy is the only one left to root for.

34. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit

f**k, man. I knew this wouldn’t end well but I remember how nice the ending to episode 2 and 4 were (with the moon scene and when they finally first kiss and all). Of course shit would hit the fan eventually…
Why do I love the cyberpunk genre so much, despite it making things so f**king horrible for almost every character everytime?

35. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
I didn’t really get the ending? So did Lucy actually escaped? Didn’t David cyber tech sync stopped? Why was kiwi there again?

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36. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
lucy didnt escape, kiwi betrayed the group for money and david is just going cyberpsycho because he mods himself more and more since he believes he is special.

37. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Well f**k every episode somehow gets worse for the protagonist group yet the bad guys the corporations practically remain with no damage. That being said I can’t say David didn’t have this fate coming it was kinda obvious that after having his first implant that his body couldn’t handle it. It just sucks that he’s dragging the others down with him.

38. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Welp took me 8 episodes to realize I was watching a trainwreck

39. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
Great episode, also devastating. 

40. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 reddit
I still dont understand why lucy left the team after Maine died and why she cant tell David

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41. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
it’s hard to see them split up if they ended up like that. I hope they fix things up between them. I don’t want them to go their separate ways.

42. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
Lucy and David, they don’t deserve this damn it.

43. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
Every scene of Lucy is n◯de at this point.

44. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
stuff getting rough for everyone, Lucy and David are becoming a little off the deep end though

45. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
Damn you David, save your woman!

46. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL

David turning into a cyberpsycho was really an awful sight.
Lucy fell into a trap. I had a hunch we will have final chapter of this story centered over Lucy kidnapped and David trying to rescue her, but ayo – I didn’t expect it to turn like that.
No one knows what Lucy was doing in her free time; David has massive problem with all upgrades he installed into his body; and oh damn – that ending. I liked Kiwi. Seeing her betraying Lucy was something I couldn’t imagine, especially when it was Kiwi who recruited Lucy into the world of cyberpunks.

47. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
Like the way that they’re showing David’s decent into madness. Wasn’t surprised when Kiwi showed up at the end.

48. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
Rebecca just keeping that goon rolling over suspended in the air juggling them with her shotgun

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49. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
レベッカの射撃スキルはbult different(別格)だな。あとデイビッドですらも、クローム化の影響を感じ始めたようだ。
Rebecca’s shooting skills are just built different. Also, seems like even David is beginning to feel the consequences of chroming at this point. 

59. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
I love Rebecca man

51. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
The pacing has been absolutely bonkers in the last few episodes

53. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
facts, in every episode lol

52. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
悪役(※ファラデー)の声にGiancarlo Espositoを得られたの最高すぎる
having the villain be voice by Giancarlo Esposito was the best decision they ever made

54. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
Death flags everywhere

55. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL

I was rooting for David up to this point. Now I await his fate (in a good way).
The ending of this episode though, damn not sure why I didn’t expect that.

56. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL

Man, with each episode we get closer to the fall of David and Lucy, not just as a couple but also as people. Still, the thrill and the development of the two are very much enjoyable.
I really do wish them the best although I know it won’t last.

57. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
its about to go down

58. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
Kiwi always felt a bit off to me. Now it’s clear why.

60. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
Nooo, I don’t want David and Lucy to break up…

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61. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL

Necessary levels of plot progression.
With a nice nod to familiar sites within Night City.
Love the diner. Spent some odd 50 hrs in-game.

62. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
i love this anime!

63. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
This is the third time in a 10 episode show that a guy turns into a Cyberpsycho lol

64. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
Everything is going down now. As it’s expected, since this is a cyberpunk world.

65. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
Yeah seems like the end is near for David, and sure killing innocent people won’t help him psychologically… though what’s really his worrying is Faraday capturing Lucy at the end with the help of Kiwi :S

67. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
f**king hell that ending

68. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL

Man, they have made Lucy so dependent of David I don’t know what to think anymore. She used to be so cool during the first episodes…
And at this point, David is basically a bodybuilder with steroids addiction. Honestly, seeing him like this is more ridiculous than sad or tragic.

66. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
If only lucy trusted that kid more and helped her out and vice versa but I understand the insecurity orrrr how they are trying to protect the other.

50. 海外の反応 蠱惑の壺 MAL
Feels like MC will die in the end, same for pretty much every other character.








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